Before READING - Know the Issue!!!


From Note sent home to parents 09-03-2009

MY RESPONSE - - The Letter to my child's principal.



You sent home a note WARNING PARENTS of the impending CONTROVERSY about the President's speech on Tuesday? What gives??? I know FEDERAL TAXES pay salaries in this district (Title 1)? Why CENSOR the President? The FEDERAL government started No Child Left Behind, several years ago. Suddenly, a PRESIDENTIAL SPEECH is now being evaluated for it's Educational Value??? 

That seems a bit "OFF the MARK" to me?

I believe this SPEECH is going to be like a CEO giving a PEP TALK to the Employees. Even the teachers need to HEAR this message, especially if they are going to be the FACILITATORS in my CHILD'S EDUCATION. 

The President is someone that has succeeded, achieved, and is still learning? We are all still learning, right?

Another point; the entire speech is going to be available, Monday. 

It would of made more sense NOT to support UBER-CONSERVATIVE-FRINGE politicians arguing about a SOCIALIST agenda, and sending a WARNING home to parents, before anything has even been made PUBLIC.

I just don't feel it is right to encourage THOSE people that feel everything OBAMA is saying will HARM our "WAY of LIFE"? He is OUR President. 

Finally, if you click this link THERE are NASCAR drivers supporting the speech in a Public Service Announcement for TUESDAY.

REMEMBER: This will be a historic day, I cannot remember the last time any other President spoke to our Nation's Children?

Thank You for taking the time to hear my concern's, and I hope on Tuesday OUR Children will get a chance to hear President Obama's message.

Apollo D Loose

Hi, Mr. Loose,

I hope you had a relaxing weekend!

I just wanted to thank you for emailing me your sentiments. I hope you realize the half sheet that was sent home with our students summarizing the district’s position on the matter, not my own personal position. We received a number of phone calls late Thursday and wanted to be proactive in distributing the district’s decision.

Again, thank you for emailing us. It’s important we hear parent input.

Have a great day!

Mrs. Hilt

Mrs. Hilt:

Thank you for replying to my email - KEEP in MIND - The hardest part of this issue is we are dealing with the CHILDREN - - Ellie, voted for OBAMA in your MOCK Elementary School Election last year, and she was sad when he lost at her school.

It was a real parenting moment, when I had to tell a 7 year old, that everybody gets a vote in America, and that her choice did WIN in the REAL Election. Barrack Obama is the President.

I do understand that the note was not your personal position. BUT - - How did the DISTRICT get calls from concerned people, "NOT" to show the speech - - when those statements were posted on the government's education site at NOON Thursday - the same night the message was sent home.

I guess these extremists live in my backyard too, eh? SCARY STUFF!!! I really thought, I was just being pro-active by emailing FRIDAY morning. It appeared to me the President was being CENSORED before the speech was even made available?? I had no idea there was any controversy, until the note came home.

These few skeptics CRITICIZE everything this President does, and I know the district cannot make everybody happy.

In the future, I would hope the School District would try to CENSOR those that CONDEMN, and PRAISE those that EMPOWER our children.

Finally, my "apollo"-gies to Dr. Hollister for not including him in the original email - his Email address is not in the DIRECTORY SEARCH, and I found it on another spot on the website only this morning.

Thanks again for the reply, and HAVE a GREAT SCHOOL YEAR


Apollo D Loose