My Family is very special to me, and growing up there were many parts of my life that were unique to my CHILDHOOD. These times were spent with my parents, and three sisters. Also, were very formidable to all things LOOSE.

It is important to say these quotes are not the sole property of anyone, feel free to share them with everyone. Also, these quotes may not be unique to only the "LOOSE FAMILY." But, from watching lots of TV, acting, dancing, and partying like only the LOOSEs know how has led to the proliferation of these statements for generations to come.

So for the rest of the WORLD I give you:


"Mush/Mush - Change the CHANNEL"

"Um - The two letter word for GOD"


"Thirsty, but it's only Wednesday?"

"What is all this - - BRU HA HA, HA HA HA?"

"I Love You!"

God is Great.
God is Good.
And we Thank him for the "food".
(But we made sure FOOD rhymes with GOOD)

Get Up and GROW

Forward into the past...

Don't let the past catch ya'

Where's your froggy?

Stand on your head,
and turn that frown
upside down.

"I Love You, a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck."

Iggy wiggy I'm a piggy
(after a burp)

(during a group hug)

Wear your earmuffs!

"It's time to Rise and Shine, and.."

"Show me the Way to HOME"


The Seltzer Lebanon Baloney Factory
This place was on the way to Hershey Park
Only once, did Daddy Doug pull in to take the Baloney tour,
"I guess because we drive past it all the time. Let's go check it out!"
If you visit their website, the video on-line is actually longer than the REAL tour in person. For years everytime somebody shows us something, we expect it to be very complex, it turns out to be
just another Baloney Tour.

Hopefully, my wife, my in-laws, and everybody else will better understand what "we" are talking about.



This page is dedicated to MOM and DAD!
Happily Married through the EYES of GOD for